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red pepper Tom Yum  (Hot and Sour Soup) Chicken Sm. $8.50 Lg. $10.50
  Lemon Grass hot and sour soup with mushroom, onion, tomatoes Shrimp Sm. $9.50 Lg. $11.50
     Seafood Sm. $11.00 Lg. $16.50
red pepper Tom Kha  (Coconut Soup) Chicken Sm. $8.75 Lg. $11.00
  Lemongrass coconut soup with mushroom Shrimp Sm. $9.75 Lg. $12.00
  Buddha Shrimp Wonton Soup   Sm. $9.75 Lg. $13.00
  Shrimp wonton in a clear soup with vegetables      
  Thai Rice Soup   Sm. $9.00 Lg. $11.50
  Steamed white rice in a clear soup with shrimp and chicken      
  Tofu and Clear Noodle Soup   Sm. $8.50 Lg. $10.50
  Vegetables, tofu, and clear noodle in a clear soup      
  Miso Soup   Sm. $6.50 Lg. $9.50
  Tofu and seaweed          
Prices subject to change without notice.
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