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Egg Rolls
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   Winter Shrimp (5)   Marinated shrimp & vegetable wrapped with Asian spring roll wrap and deep fried served with chopped cucumber, tomato, red onion and sweet & sour sauce $11.50 
 Satey Chicken (6) Grilled chicken on skewer marinated with special curry powder served with cucumber sauce and world famous peanut sauce  $8.50 
Lettuces Wraps   Ground chicken stir fried with Thai seasoning served with chilled lettuce and Gra/Pow signature sauce $8.50
Angel Wings (2) Boneless chicken wing stuffed with chicken meat, clear noodles, carrot, green onions. deep fried served with cucumber ground peanut sauce  $9.50 
Dragon Wings (8) Deep fried wings coated with spicy Szechuan delicious red wine sauce $9.00 
Steamed Sue-Mai (6)  Ground pork and shrimp marinated, wrapped with won ton skin then steamed served with wine sesame soy sauce $8.00 
 Tuna Tar Tar Marinated fresh tuna with spicy Japanese Tar Tar sauce served with toasted baguette  $10.50
 Tuna Wrap (1) Fresh tuna with creamy sesame sauce, crispy noodle and spicy Gra/Pow sauce in cold crisp lettuce leave served with wine soy sauce  $4.75 
 Egg Rolls (5) cabbage, celery, and clear noodles deep fried served with sweet & sour sauce  $6.75 
 Fresh Spring Roll Vietnamese style fresh green leaf, mint leave, bean sprout, rice noodle, and shrimp served with peanut curry sauce  $8.50 
Dumplings (10)   Steamed and pan fried stuffed chicken & vegetable served with wine sesame soy sauce  $8.50
Fantastic Four  Combination plate of Satey chicken (3), Egg rolls (2), Dumplings (4), steamed Sue-Mai (3) served with their own sauce  $13.50 
 Calamari Deep Fried Calamari  Calamari coated with tempura floer and deep fried, served with hot sweet & sour sauce  $9.00 
Tempura  Vegetable only  $7.50  Shrimp (1pc)  $2.50  Vegetable & Shrimp (4pc)  $10.00 
 Thai Pizza  Grilled chicken and peanut sauce on crispy Asian dough $8.00 
 Chicken Slammers (8) Deep fried flower pastery stuffed with seasoned ground chicken served with cucumber sweet & sour sauce   $8.50
 Chips & Thai Salsa $6.50
 Thai Tacos  Thai Taco (3) $7.50
 Cream Cheese Wonton (6)  $6.00
Edmame Regular $4.75  Spicy Garlic $5.75

 If you have any food allergies please notify your server before ordering.


Prices subject to change without notice.

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