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Egg Rolls

Sushi Rolls 


  Traditional Rolls    
   Sushi Rolls  
  Tuna Roll $ 5.00  
  Cucumber Roll $ 6.00  
  California Roll $ 6.00  
  Spicy Tuna Roll $ 7.50  
  Tempura Roll $ 8.00  
  Salmon Roll $ 7.00  
  Specialty Rolls  
  Dragon Roll $11.00  
  Rainbow Roll $10.00  
  Caterpillar Roll $11.00  
  Crunchy Roll $10.00  
  Unagi Roll $ 9.00  
  Philadelphia Roll $ 9.00  
  House Special Rolls  
  Spicy Yuzu Kanpachi Roll $12.50  
    (inside) spicy tuna and cucumber (outside) yellowtail, jalapeno fried garlic, citrus  
  Smoke Salmon Roll $12.50  
    (inside) crab, cucumber, cream cheese (outside) smoke salmon with ponzu sauce  
  Mongo Ono A-Go-Go Roll $11.50  
    (inside) California roll (outside) ono and mango salsa on top  
  Strawberry Eel Forever Roll $13.00  
    Fried shrimp crunch roll with avacado, topped with eel, avacado, plum puree, sweet sauce, thinly sliced strawberries  
  The Hangover Roll $13.50   
    Spicy tuna cucumber, cream cheese and jalapeno roll, tempura deep fried with spicy tuna on top.    
  Prices subject to change without notice.    

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