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Egg Rolls
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   The Aviator   11
  Hendrick's gin, hangar 1 mandarin blossom vodka, lime sour, with muddled cucumber and orange.  
   Grapow Mule   11
    Tito's handmade vodka, muddled mint, and fresh ginger, and a passion fruit cider  
  Bourbon Basil Lemonade Basil Bourbon Lemonade   10
buffalo trace bourbon paired with fresh seasonal fruit, basil leaf, and lemon sour    
  "House" Margarita   11
  1800 silver, Domaine de Canton ginger, fresh lime sour, topped with ace pineapple cider    
  Lavender Lycheetini   10
  our sweet, clean twist on a classic drink    
  Thai Fighter   10
  Gra pow's spiked tea with yuzu sparkling sake thrown in    
  The Burning Man   11
  flor de Cana rum, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, orange juice, and a splash of cranberry    
  Tsunami Bowl   14
  a bowl of liquor to share with your friends, literally!    
Bar @ Grapow!
   Prices subject to change without notice.    
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